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BBC School Report 2014


This year, eight Year 9 students at Priory participated in this nationwide project to experience first hand how news is made and the time constraints that journalists undergo. We featured as a link from the BBC School Report website and on the 27th of March our students made the news and covered the news stories below as well as last-minute additions. We welcome any feedback, and would urge you to email your ideas to










Priory School in Lewes joins drive to get students pedalling!




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The Battle of Lewes

This report is about the anniversary of the Battle of Lewes. We are filming this report on top of Lewes Castle; as you will discover from our report there are many celebrations under way to mark the 750th anniversary of the Battle of Lewes. While Simon de Montfort attacked Lewes, Henry III was taking a rest in the comforts of Lewes Castle. When he heard of Simon de Montfort's attack he rushed out of his castle to defend his right as King. He engaged Simon de Montfort in battle and was initially successful, his son Prince Edward routing part of the Barons' army with a cavalry charge. However Edward pursued them off the battlefield and left Henry's men exposed. Henry was forced to launch an infantry attack up Offham Hill where he was defeated by the Barons' men.




The New Pound Coin


poundcoinThis is the BBC School Report and our top story tonight is 'Is it worth changing the pound coin?'.
The Royal Mint are planning to introduce a new pound coin in 2017. the New Pound Coin will have twelve sides, similar to that of the threepenny bit. The threepenny bit was in circulation between 1937 and 1971 and is one of the most popular coins in history.
The New Pound Coin has many advantages, including that it will help people who are visually impaired because of its distinctive shape.
Special measures are also being incorporated within the design to make it harder to forge. It will have a type of technology that will include three types of security to reduce the risk of counterfeit coins.
However, there has been much confusion over whether New Pound Coins will be accepted in current coin operated machines, such as vending machines, lockers, supermarket trolleys and Parking Meters.
To get a wider opinion on the New Pound Coin, we interviewed the general public to see what they thought.