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Parent Voice Group


Next meeting : 7:00 - 8:30 pm Monday 6th November 2017 in the Conference Room

The main door is kept locked.  If you should arrive late, you will see a temporary notice posted on the door giving a number to call so that one of the Group can come and let you in.

What is the Parent Voice Group?
The PVG is a body of volunteer parents/carers supported by the Senior Leadership Team (who are sometimes invited to attend and discuss particular issues with the Group).  Our joint aim is to support and inform school development.  The PVG supports the school in its ambition to develop teaching and learning, which is one of Ofsted’s key outcomes.
It is an opportunity to get together with other parents, and gain a different perspective.  We discuss a variety of issues that not only affect your child now, but could affect them in the future.  You can learn about the way the school works which then helps you to help your child.


Terms of Reference

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What have we done so far?
An example of the PVG's productive working relationship with the school has been our contribution to the recent changes on the school website in response to requests from parents to make it easier to navigate. We also worked closely with the school Senior Management Team to help structure the Homework Survey carried out last year. One of the areas we are currently looking into is the food available at school.


What is our current focus?

A study of how food for sale at break and lunchtimes complements the school’s healthy eating policy and how we can support the implementation of the school’s new Dining Room Charter.

We need views from as many parents/carers as possible on these and any other issues as we are keen for our discussions and actions to reflect all year groups.   We need more parents/carers to join us so please come along to our informal meetings.  You do not have to sign up to regular attendance, but are welcome to come to any meeting and share your views.


When do we meet?

We meet on a regular basis (once a term) at school.  See above for date and time of next meeting.  If you cannot attend, any suggestions for focus in the future can also be emailed to us on pvg@priory.e-sussex.sch.uk

Minutes from our meetings are available here


“I wish something like PVG had been in existence when my child joined Priory in Year 7.  I now understand so much more about the way the school works and I think I can be more useful in helping  my child reach his potential!”   Year 11 PVG parent

“I first got involved with PVG over the banding and setting project which I thought was a bit of a ‘dark art’.  Being part of the group helped me understand the ‘whys and wherefores’, and our input to the senior leadership team meant that we had an impact on how the school explained the approach to other parents”   Year 9 PVG parent