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Contacting the School

Throughout the school year, there will be occasions when you will want to contact someone at the school. The downloadable chart below is a guide on who to contact – and how. We welcome contact from home, and we will always try to respond as quickly as possible.

The tutor looks after the day-to-day welfare of the students in their tutor group and should be the first point of contact when you are unsure of who will deal with your query or problem. However, tutors also teach - the majority of their time is spent in the classroom teaching and this can cause difficulties for parents who need to contact the tutor. Parents may find it more helpful to contact the House Assistant, who will then be able to pass on information to the tutor and may also be able to help resolve some issues.

We would ask you to bear the following in mind when trying to contact someone at the school :

  • All members of staff will respond to your concern as soon as they can. This may not be immediately – please be patient.
  • It is helpful to indicate a time when you can be contacted easily over the next few days.
  • A positive outcome is more likely to be ensured if the concern is expressed calmly and pleasantly.
  • Please don’t forget your child’s Student Planner – this is a useful means of communicating small-scale issues to members of staff. Please make sure you look for the response in there as well!
  • We’ll do our best to resolve any issue that concerns you as quickly and effectively as possible. But please bear in mind that we’re only human!


talkPlease download this helpful chart :

Issue > Who To Contact > How



Parents can either email a member of staff directly by using the interactive Directory or email info@priory.e-sussex.sch.uk with the member of staff’s name in the Subject Line and the message will then be forwarded to them. Note that if you use Insight you can also email any of your child's teachers direct by simply clicking on their name within your child's timetable.

The web site address is: www.priory.e-sussex.sch.uk


Passing on praise

We are always very happy to hear when our students have done well, or when the school has shown itself to advantage.  Individual teachers feel rewarded and valued when they receive thanks for the work they do.  Unfortunately this happens all too infrequently – not because people are ungrateful, or unwilling to give praise where it is due, but because they might not think of it!

Some examples of plaudits received:

  • “Thank you to all the staff of Priory School.  We have been very pleased with S’s progress while at Priory and have been delighted with the help his teachers have given him.”
  • “There has been occasional times when I have had to take up a minor issue with the school.  But what I have found has been a willingness and openness to talk through the problems so that there can be a resolution.”
  • “I wanted to say that I feel truly to have been blessed that he has been able to attend Priory; and that he has received the education which the school provides.  He has been extremely happy there, and I have watched him grow in an environment that tries at all times to care for pupils.”



You can expect us to :

  • Make every effort to acknowledge your communication as soon as possible, giving priority to matters that have an immediate impact on students’ well-being
  • Keep you informed of Priory School events via the school website, as well as other means, e.g. letters
  • Keep you informed of your child’s progress formally via reports, interims and parent consultation evenings, and informally via the Student Planner
  • Use the Student Planner as an informal means of general communication between school and the home.

We expect you to :

  • Ensure your child always carries their Student Planner, and that it is signed by you once a week
  • In the event of a telephone reply being required to a communication from home, please indicate when and where you can be contacted
  • Work with your child to ensure that all letters, etc from school are passed on to you
  • Confirm with your child that any notes you put in the Student Planner have been shown to the member of staff concerned.