We believe that our school uniform reinforces the ethos of our school community by promoting a strong, cohesive identity that supports our high standards and helps to integrate students of all backgrounds. Above all, we believe that our uniform complements effective learning and teaching by setting an appropriate working environment.

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Uniform Suppliers


All uniform items are available from our supplier:

Intersport: 53 Cliffe High Street, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 2AN. Telephone 01273 475235. ‎ Website: gameforlife.co.uk

    If parents are in any doubt about the suitability of an item of uniform, they are advised to contact the uniform supplier, who can provide advice. Alternatively, please feel free to contact your child’s House Assistant at the school.


    Recycled School Uniform Shop

    The school now has a second-hand uniform shop consisting of good condition uniform all priced between 50p and £2.00.  All enquiries should be made via the school Reception. The uniform shop will be available most days during morning break and after school at 3.15pm, as well as at most parents’ evenings.


    Uniform Details

    * Compulsory Items – all students

    Navy blue blazer with Priory School badge purchased from our suppliers.  shoes

      • Totally black, flat shoes (not boots) with no additional colour whatsoever. Eg: no coloured panels, stitching, laces, logos, eyelets or other embellishments.


        * Compulsory Items – Boys

        • Plain white tailored shirt. May be long or short sleeved but no logos. Polo shirts are not permitted.
        • Blue and silver grey striped Priory School tie.
        • Trousers – mid-grey formal, suit-like trousers. No fashion trousers, chino's, jeans or cargo pants.
        • Plain black, grey or white socks.


        * Compulsory items – Girls

        • Plain white tailored shirt without logo or extra details. May be long or short sleeved. No polo shirts.
        • Approved Priory School skirt from uniform suppliers (please contact suppliers for exact details) or mid-grey formal, suit-like trousers. No fashion trousers, chinos, jeans or cargo pants.
        • Plain black, grey or white ankle socks or plain black, grey or skin coloured tights. Girls are permitted to wear ankle socks over tights if they are indistinguishable in colour. No Leggings or footless tights.


        * Optional Items -for all

        • V neck mid grey school knitwear to wear under the blazer. Knitwear may be long-sleeved, sleeveless or school cardigan. No logos are permitted. 
        • Students wishing to wear a belt should ensure that it is a discreet, simple,thin, plain, black or grey belt only.


        * Jewellery

        • Students are only permitted to wear a watch and one pair of small stud ear-rings. Please note: Body piercing of any kind is not acceptable and must be removed before coming to school.


        * Hairstyles

        • We do not wish to discourage individuality with regard to hairstyle, but request that extreme styles, bleaches or dyes that are in blatant contrast to natural hair colours are not worn. Any student considering a change of style is advised to speak with their House Assistant before doing so.


        * Make up

        • Should students wish to wear make up they must ensure that it is discreet.


        * Hooded Tops

        • Hooded tops should not be worn on the school site.


        * Coat/Jacket

        • For the journey to and from school, and for break and lunch times, it is recommended that students bring a warm, waterproof jacket. This can be stored in the student’s locker or carried with them during the day.


      PE Kit


      * Compulsory items for boys and girls

      • Sky blue polo shirt with Priory logo
      • Black games shorts (2 pairs)
      • Priory reversible rugby shirt
      • 2 pairs of long, pale blue socks
      • Sports trainers: these must provide adequate support, should be non – floor marking, not Converse (or similar fashion items)
      • Football boots
      • Shin pads
      • Towel
      • Water bottle
      • Gum shield (for rugby)


      * Recommended for all

      • Plain black sweatshirt (no logo)
      • Plain black tracksuit trousers
      • Protective rugby headgear

      Please note that leggings are not permitted for P.E.


      Dance Kit


      * All Year 7,8 and 9 students

      • Plain black T shirt (collared or round neck)
      • Black games shorts


      * Optional for all students

      • Black track suit trousers, dance trousers of leggings


      * Optional for Year 10 and 11

      • Plain black T shirt
      • Black leggings or dance trousers


      Uniform Issues

      Dealing with uniform issues detracts from our core purposes as a school : learning and teaching. Parents are urged to ensure that their child is sent to school in correct school uniform. Where there is a genuine difficulty in sending students to school in correct uniform, parents are advised to contact their child’s House Assistant. Students who need to borrow items of uniform should report to their House Assistant no later than 8.25 in the morning.


      * Should a student's uniform not meet expectations:

      • Students are expected to report to their House office immediately.
      • Students are expected to wok with their House team to find a solution. 
      • House teams will attempt to lend a suitable item if they have it. 
      • House teams may call home to request suitable items are brought in. 
      • Students may be sent home to change. (once home has been contacted)
      • Students could be requested to work outside their House office until the matter is resolved.
      • Parents may be liable for any borrowed uniform that isn't returned.


      *Sanctions may include:

      • Confiscation of inappropriate item of clothing/jewellery. (For persistent cases, parents may be asked to collect these from school)
      • Behavious log. 
      • Detention
      • Loss of social time.
      • In extreme circumstances, students may be excluded from school for persistent defiance of the uniform rules.