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Priory Counselling


Priory Counselling


Priory School based counselling is part of the whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing.


Counselling within secondary schools has been shown to bring about significant reductions in psychological distress in the short-term, and help young people move towards their personal goals.
(Department for Education, 2015).


What is school-based counselling?

A qualified counsellor offers students an opportunity to explore and understand their difficulties within a relationship of agreed confidentiality.



What does ‘agreed confidentiality ‘mean?

Whatever is discussed will remain private between the student and counsellor, unless the counsellor feels the student or others they have spoken of are likely to suffer significant harm. The counsellor is then required to follow procedures according to the school Safeguarding Policy.




Why might someone want to have counselling?

Common issues may include; anxiety, bullying, family problems, suicidal feelings, self-harm, abuse, exam pressures, unhappiness and low self-esteem.



Who is counselling available to?

Counselling is available to any student in the school.

How could having counselling help me?

It can help with the development of self-confidence, resilience and self-motivation - traits which support academic attainment and which can help young people to prepare for adult life.



What can I expect?

· To have a safe, relaxed, quiet and private space where you can come and talk and think things through.

· Your take on things will be heard and valued and you won’t be judged.

· You will have the chance to work things out in your own time.

When will the counselling take place?

You will be offered a block of 6 counselling sessions, every week on the same day for one hour. 

We will review how things are going midway and can reduce or increase the number of further sessions depending in your needs.
Once you have finished your arranged counselling sessions you are still welcome to return for counselling another time if other issues arise.



Where do I go for counselling?

The counselling room is in the humanities corridor a few doors away from the humanities staffroom.


How do I enquire about having counselling?

You can talk to your House Assistant or any member of school staff about having counselling. You will be asked to complete a Student Referral form which asks you to consider why you may like to have counselling. You can also self-refer for counselling by asking your tutor for a Student Referral Form, completing the form and handing it directly to me.

Alternatively you are welcome to email me - Suzanne.Page@priory.e-sussex.sch.uk

What happens next?

I will arrange for us to meet then we can talk about what is going on for you and, if you decide you would like counselling, we will arrange some counselling sessions.


To download a copy of the Priory School Counselling Poster click HERE.


 Miss Suzy Page

Miss Suzy Page

School Counsellor

Phone: 01273 476231 extension 362

E-mail: Suzanne.Page@priory.e-sussex.sch.uk

Useful Contacts:


For support on a range of issues:

24 hour helpline 0800 1111


For support with substance misuse:
Call: 0800 77 66 00


For advice about bullying:


For support with eating disorders:


For family mediation:


For support with self-harming: