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We like to stay in touch with our ex students and we take a keen interest in their lives once they have left Priory School. By being part of Priory’s Alumni you will be able to support existing students by sharing your experiences of college, university or other career paths. This page features the personal stories of some of our alumni. Please contact to be part of this, or alternatively click here for an application form.

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Emily Geering - Primary School Teacher

Emily GeeringI was at Priory from 2000-2005. I then went to Varndean College and studied; art, English literature, sociology and critical thinking. I then took a year out, worked full time in an independent shop for 6 months and also went to Australia and Singapore for 3 months. I went to Winchester Uni for 4 years and studied primary education with QTS (English specialist). I worked at a small village school during my NQT year and now work in a large junior school in Eastbourne. What I would like to say about Priory is that is a school full of a vast amount of knowledge, expertise and encouragement. The staff are dedicated to their pupils and ensure that they are engaged and enthused by their lessons. I specifically enjoyed the creative subjects such as Art and DT Graphics as the teachers inspired me to pursue these subjects into A-level. Having such inspirational teachers lead me to become a teacher myself.


Ruth Warburton - Author of the Winter Trilogy

Ruth WarburtonI attended Priory from 1988-1994 - perhaps the most formative years of my life in terms of friendship and learning. My memories of that time are of questioning students and heated lunchtime discussions [at the debating society we began in my final year]. The friendships I made at Priory have lasted more than 20 years - we grew up to become lawyers, scientists, writers, researchers, journalists, curators and doctors. However we're still friends and, I hope, still speaking out for what we believe in.


Philip Greatwich – Footballer – Philippines

Azkal footballDuring my time at Priory I came into contact with teachers who were passionate and inspirational in what they taught. I was treated as a mature adult, not a young boy, which helped me grow into the confident, outgoing person I am today. Priory installed pride and professionalism which is key to being a successful athlete.


Dan Wilson - Ebay

EbayWhat made it great for me?  I suppose what I would like to highlight was the wealth of extra-curricular activities that I enjoyed, specifically drama and public speaking which were put on by dedicated teachers in their own spare time.  They lead to me being a confident and practiced presenter and speaker, a skill that's never been more vital in modern business.


Jack Feintuck


I attended Priory from 1995-2000, studied with excellent teachers and made lots of friends who I still see regularly. Why was Priory good? There were opportunities to take part in debating, music, drama productions as well as our day-to-day studies which made for a fun and enriching experience. I read Archaeology at University College London, balancing my interests in humanities and sciences that began at Priory and continued through my A-Levels at Sussex Downs College. After taking a Masters degree in Research Methods I became a civil servant and have had the opportunity to work for the Prime Minister's Questions briefing team in a government department, as a Private Secretary to a Minister, and on several fascinating policy areas. In 2012-13 I came full circle and for a period was a community governor back at Priory, as I wanted to give something back to the school that had set me on my way.