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Health and Wellbeing

Below are links to external information and advice on a variety of issues. The aim is to:

•    Provide parents with practical advice, guidance and support on areas of concern that sometimes cause anxiety or stress when supporting their teenager.
•    Provide students with practical advice on how to support themselves and where to seek additional support.

Some of the links are to websites that provide their own advice and guidance; other links are to articles that may be of interest that are linked to the subject matter.



Anxiety BC - OCD support

Teenshealth - 5 ways to deal/help with anxiety


BullyingUK - advice on bullying, cyberbullying, support for students, parents and schools

Bullying.org - downloadable app to overcome bullying

Caring for someone

Care for the carers

East Sussex Young Carers - contact details and 16+ online referrals

Drinking and drugs

FRANK - information about drugs, help and advice

Nacoa - information and support for everyone affected by parents drinking

Addaction - support and advice from the UK's leading drug, alcohol and mental health charity

Eating disorders

Mayo Clinic - tips to protect your teen

Beat Eating Disorders - information and contact details

NHS Choices - information and warning signs

Teenshealth - information

General wellbeing and advice


The Mix - contact number, 1-2-1 chat and crisis messenger, Chathealth – text message number 07507332473

Rise Above - exam stress

Open for Parents - parenting teenagers section

Text your nurse - confidential advice

Mediation Plus - mediation, conflict resolution and training

Good diet and nutrition

Nutritionist Resource - information and tips

Healthy packed lunches advice :


British Nutrition Foundation

Food - A Fact Of Life


Health and wellbeing

Young Minds - how to cope with mental health support

Childline - advice on numerous topics

Citizens Advice

Health During Lockdown

Mental health, resilience and mindfulness

Students Against Depression - information and asks students how they are feeling

Time To Change - personal stories

E-Motion - online counselling

NHS - mental healthline

Samaritans - support line

Sudden Bereavement - support line and advice

Online safety

See our page all about online safety here

CEOP - online sexual abuse or concerns with online communication

UK Safer Internet Centre - information about the internet and advice



Educate Against Hate - resources on safeguarding children from radicalisation

Lets Talk About It - preventing young people from becoming terrorists


Self Harm UK - what is self-harm?

Psych Central - helping your child reduce self-harming behaviour

NSPCC - self-harming - positive parenting tips

NHS - getting help

Samaritans - support line

Sexual health, sexuality and puberty

NHS Choices


Allsorts Youth Project - groups

Depend - support for those transitioning and for family and friends

Brook - sexual health and wellbeing information

The Circle Room - sexual health clinic

Childline - transgender support and gender identity

Exams stress

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