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School Policies

Policies Date  
Access Arrangements Policy (Exams) 2023-2024 12th Jan 2024 Download
Accessibility plan 12th Dec 2023 Download
Admissions Policy In Year (2023-24) 08th Sep 2023 Download
Admissions Policy Main Round (2024-25) 08th Sep 2023 Download
Anti-Bullying Policy 12th Dec 2023 Download
Appraisals Policy 04th Dec 2023 Download
Attendance Policy Oct.23 30th Oct 2023 Download
Behaviour Policy 12th Dec 2023 Download
Behaviour towards staff by parents procedure 26th May 2021 Download
Careers (CEIAG) Policy 2022-2023 09th Oct 2023 Download
Charging and Remissions Policy 12th Dec 2023 Download
Complaint Form Appendix B 20th Jan 2023 Download
Complaints and Appeals Procedure 04th Dec 2023 Download
Complaints Policy and Procedure 23rd Feb 2023 Download
Data Protection Policy 11th Jan 2019 Download
Dealing with drugs misuse in school. 02nd Jul 2020 Download
Drug Related Education and Incidents Policy 20th Jul 2021 Download
Emergency Evacuation Exams 04th Dec 2023 Download
Equality Exams Policy 09th May 2024 Download
Equality Policy 25th Sep 2023 Download
Exam Contingency 09th May 2024 Download
Exam Malpractice Procedure 09th May 2024 Download
Exams Archiving 22-23 12th Jan 2024 Download
Exams Policy 2023/2024 09th May 2024 Download
Health & Safety Policy 10th Jul 2023 Download
Home School Agreement Policy 23rd Feb 2023 Download
Home School Communication Policy 16th Mar 2022 Download
Internal Appeals - Exams 2023-2024 12th Jan 2024 Download
Keeping Children Safe in Education 22nd Jan 2024 Download
Lewes Pupil Attendance policy amended version Sept 2021 27th Feb 2023 Download
Managing serial and unreasonable complaints policy 20th Mar 2023 Download
Non Examination Assessment policy 11th Dec 2023 Download
Online Safety Policy 01st Jan 2023 Download
Pay Policy 12th Dec 2022 Download
Phone Confiscation Procedure 30th Oct 2023 Download
Priory School Privacy Notice 28th Feb 2023 Download
Provider Access Policy 20th Mar 2023 Download
Public sector equality duty 04th Jun 2019 Download
Pupil Premium Policy 12th Dec 2023 Download
Pupil Premium Strategy And Evaluation 30th Oct 2023 Download
Records Management Policy 14th Nov 2022 Download
Remote Learning Policy 24th May 2023 Download
RSHE Policy and Guidance 20th Oct 2023 Download
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 16th Oct 2023 Download
SEN Information Report 28th Nov 2023 Download
Special Consideration Policy 09th May 2024 Download
Special Educational Needs Policy 25th May 2023 Download
Staff Code of Conduct 27th Mar 2023 Download
Suspension & Exclusion Policy 06th Feb 2023 Download
Teaching and Learning Policy 13th Dec 2018 Download
Teams Posts Code of Conduct for Students 20th Jan 2022 Download
Word Processor Exams Policy 09th May 2024 Download
Working Together to Safeguard Children 22nd Jan 2024 Download
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