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IT Access

Logging in

If you are a student, member of staff or governor please click below on the service you require.


Your Email

Your Documents (Students) & Shared Areas (Students/Staff)

Office 365 (Teams, OneDrive etc)

Login to all services is your email address and password.

Student email addresses are e.g.

We recommend Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome as a browser with third party cookies enabled for Teams access. (Download  (Allow or Block Cookies)

The Safari browser on Mac computers doesn't work with Teams, please use Chrome.


Emailing teachers

If you're a student remember that in EduLink you can only reply to an email from a teacher. If you want to start a conversation or send in homework please use your ordinary school email.

You can find a teacher's email address by opening a new email in Outlook and starting to type their surname in the To box.


A wide range of helpsheets are available to download under Documents at the bottom of this page. 

Downloading Office

Students who don't have Microsoft Office installed can download it free via their Office 365 account. Details are available here. Office 365 itself includes "in browser" versions of Office apps such as Word and Excel but note that the full desktop version may be required to access all the features of some homework files.

Mobile versions of office can be found here


Office 365 Suite, Teams


Office 365 Suite, Teams


Page Downloads Date  
Parents' Guide to External Access 17th Dec 2018 Download
Acceptable Use Policy - External Services (Under Review) 22nd Jan 2019 Download
Free Office download for students 19th Mar 2020 Download
Teams Posts Code of Conduct for Students 20th Jan 2022 Download
Helpsheet : Your Documents (Students) 20th Oct 2020 Download
Helpsheet: Accessing Office 365 10th Nov 2020 Download
Helpsheet: How to access your emails 10th Nov 2020 Download
Helpsheet: Office Apps in the Browser 10th Nov 2020 Download
Helpsheet: OneDrive 10th Nov 2020 Download
Helpsheet: Using Teams 10th Nov 2020 Download
Helpsheet : Managing posts in Teams channels 20th Nov 2020 Download
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