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Leadership Team & Staff List

Leadership Team

Mr Tony Smith
Executive Headteacher
Ext 201


Mrs Karen Clinton
Head of School (Teaching & Learning)
Ext 332

Mr Julian Ashworth
Deputy Headteacher (Academic Standards)
Ext 213

Mrs Patricia Cowlin
Assistant Headteacher (Student Progress)
Ext 350

Mrs Samantha Twilley
Assistant Headteacher (Personal Development, Behaviour & Safety)
Designated Safeguarding Lead

Ext 208


Mr Ian Fines
Ext 203

Mr Nick Hockin
Information Manager & E-Safety Officer
Ext 373


Mr Greig Guilford
Assistant Headteacher (Air House)
Ext 379

Miss Suzanne Howells
Assistant Headteacher (Earth House)
Ext 377

Mrs Sahota-Lyons
Assistant Headteacher (Fire House)
Ext 376

Mr Paul Holt
Assistant Headteacher (Water House)
Ext 380

Dr Birgit Illner
Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion)
Ext 209

Staff List

This list shows all teaching staff and key non-teaching staff. Parents can email their child's teachers via their timetable in INSIGHT. Please use the general enquiry form to contact other staff.

Name Position
Ashworth, Mr Deputy Headteacher (Academic Standards)
Attwood, Mrs DT Teacher
Austin, Mrs Attendance Officer
Badham, Mrs House Assistant (Air)
BartlettBundy, Mrs Maths Teacher
Boon, Ms Art Teacher
Brown, Mrs House Assistant (Air)
Camenzind, Ms MFL Curriculum Leader
Carbis, Mrs Maths Teacher
Charley, Mr Geography Teacher
Chetwynd, Ms Maths Teacher
Clarke, Mr Computing Teacher
Clingen, Mrs Maths Teacher
Clinton, Mrs Head of School (Teaching & Learning)
Coppard, Mrs House Assistant (Water)
Cornish, Mrs Office Manager
Cowlin, Mrs Assistant Headteacher (Student Progress)
Cronin, Mrs Maths Curriculum Leader
Cumberland, Mr English Teacher (covering Mr Yahiaoui)
Davies, Mr Music Teacher
Day, Mr Classics Teacher
De Letteris, Mr MFL Assistant Curriculum Leader
Dengate, Miss Dance Teacher
Dimoglou, Ms English Teacher
Dinga, Mr History & Geography Teacher
Domin, Miss Head of Life Skills
El-Guechi, Ms Maths Teacher
Emans, Mr Maths Deputy Curriculum Leader
Emmett, Miss Art Teacher
Faricy, Ms Arts Curriculum Leader
Farnworth, Mr English Assistant Curriculum Leader
Fines, Mr Bursar
Fines, Mrs Life Skills Teacher
Francis, Mrs Admissions Officer
Fraser, Mr Music Subject Leader
French, Miss PE Deputy Curriculum Leader
Gibb, Mr History & RS Teacher
Goodacre, Mrs MFL Deputy Curriculum Leader
Guilford, Mr Assistant Headteacher (Air House)
Harris, Ms Examinations Officer
Hetherington, Mr Hearing Support Facility
Hockin, Mr Information Manager & E-Safety Officer
Holbrook, Mr English Curriculum Leader
Holt, Mr Assistant Headteacher (Water House)
Horsted, Mr DT Subject Leader
Howells, Miss Assistant Headteacher (Earth House)
Illner, Dr Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion)
Joliffe, Ms Drama Teacher
Jones, Mr PE Teacher
Kearns, Ms Maths Teacher
Kellett, Miss History Teacher
Lakeman, Miss Science Teacher
Lasalle, Mr MFL Teacher
McCrae, Mrs Science Assistant Curriculum Leader
Marsh, Mrs Drama Subject Leader
Middlemass, Miss DT Teacher
Miles-Lewis, Ms Subject Leader Food Preparation & Nutrition
Miremadi, Ms SENCO (Behaviour)
Naranjo, Miss Science Teacher
Nicolas Teijo, Miss MFL Teacher
Noone, Miss Science Teacher
Nulty, Ms SENCO (Learning)
O'Connell, Mrs Science Assistant Curriculum Leader
Orme, Mr DT Teacher
Osborne, Miss History Teacher
Parris, Mr Computing Subject Leader
Queen, Mrs Maths Assistant Curriculum Leader
Quinn, Mr Humanities Curriculum Leader & Head of Geography
Riley, Miss School Sports Coordinator
Roberts, Mr Maths Assistant Curriculum Leader
Rogers, Mr Computer Science Teacher
Rose, Mrs Science Assistant Curriculum Leader
Sahota-Lyons, Mrs Assistant Headteacher (Fire House)
Said, Mr Science Teacher
Samandi, Mrs MFL Teacher (covering Mrs Lunnon)
Schwick, Ms Dance Subject Leader
Scruby, Mr History Subject Leader
Sheffield, Mrs House Assistant (Earth)
Shirley, Miss Science Deputy Curriculum Leader
Smith, Mr Executive Headteacher
Stevens, Mrs PE Curriculum Leader
Sullivan, Mrs House Assistant (Fire)
Symes, Miss English Deputy Curriculum Leader
Twilley, Mrs Assistant Headteacher (Personal Development, Behaviour & Safety)
Vaughan, Ms Headteacher's PA
Vitty, Mrs English & Drama Teacher
Waeber, Ms MFL Teacher
Walton, Ms Learning Resources Manager
Warren, Mr PE Teacher
Warren, Mr English & RS Teacher
Wickens, Mrs English Assistant Curriculum Leader
Wigens, Mrs Careers & Alternative Provision Coordinator
Willison, Mr Science Teacher
Wilson, Miss Science Curriculum Leader
Woollard, Ms DT Teacher (covering Miss Middlemass)
Wright, Ms Data Protection Officer
Yahiaoui, Mr English Teacher
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