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FAQs Return to School September 2020

Return to School in September

Risk Assessment

Sussex Police letter to parents and carers

Advice for rail travel


Priory's daily updates during the COVID crisis have been archived in Letters Home.


Health advice

Individuals who need advice on personal circumstances, including those who are immunocompromised, should seek it from NHS 111 or the 111 online coronavirus service.

Hygiene : The likelihood of infection reduces with good hygiene practices. Please follow good hygiene practices and help enforce them with students.

The DfE also has a guidance page.

The NHS also has a useful advice page about self isolation.


Student wellbeing support from Mind

Mind, our national charity for mental health and wellbeing, have produced a very timely and helpful webpage for students and young people. If you are a student and are feeling worried or anxious about the coronavirus and all the uncertainty this is placing on you, we'd encourage you to take a look through this page :


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