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Our expectation for exemplary behaviour, both in and out of school, is reflected in our expectation of uniform compliance. We expect and trust that parents and carers, students and staff work together to promote fairness and consistency and to prevent valuable school time being diverted to following up on breaches of uniform policy.


Our uniform was designed with the distinct purpose of differentiating between leisure and learning time. It was chosen to foster a smart image for students and to encourage them to be ready to focus on their work, free from distractions.


We strive to support our students to develop themselves academically and socially and prepare themselves for life after school where a dress code or other restrictions may be expected.  A uniform also helps us to dilute the status placed on expensive clothes or labels and challenge the belief that we are defined by what we wear. Instead, we encourage individual beliefs, ideas, passions and wellbeing and an ethos of camaraderie that is reflected in this shared experience.


Whilst wearing Priory uniform, all students are ambassadors for our school and we hope all our students take this responsibility seriously. Wearing our school uniform properly demonstrates a commitment to our high standards of conduct and support of our shared values. We hope it indicates a sense of loyalty to one another and a commitment to look after what we have, our buildings, our equipment and our environment. It encapsulates our pride in our school community.


We believe that a uniform worn without modification is the best way to ensure equality. We do not want children feeling vulnerable and stressed by the pressure they feel to wear or own the latest trend or status symbol.  We strive to shift the emphasis of competition and status, to create a feeling of oneness and of support for fellow students. By adhering to Priory’s uniform expectations, students have a more positive experience at school and therefore a better chance to excel.


Uniform for all Priory Students

This uniform has been designed specifically in response to the many issues and suggestions raised by parents, students and school staff. Specifically, it addresses the current issues of inequality and decency. We hope that it will provide a smart, comfortable and affordable alternative to the current uniform.

The uniform consists of school polo shirt, school jumper and trousers for all.

Uniform 2019

During terms 5 and 6, students may choose to substitute their school trousers for black shorts, which will be supplied by Inter Sport, Lewes. No other variations will be permitted.

We hope this uniform addresses the suggestions and concerns that have been raised, whilst maintaining the high standards which are embedded within our school values.

Uniform Suppliers

All uniform items are available from our supplier:

Intersport : 53 Cliffe High Street, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 2AN. Telephone 01273 475235. ‎ Website: gameforlife.co.uk

If parents are in any doubt about the suitability of an item of uniform, they are advised to contact their child’s Head of House at the school.

Compulsory Items for all Students

  • Navy blue jumper with Priory School badge purchased from our suppliers.  
  • Navy blue polo shirt with Priory School badge purchased from our suppliers.  
  • Grey school trousers. Formal, suit-like trousers, no fashion trousers, leggings, chinos, jeans nor cargo pants.
  • Plain black, grey or white short socks.
  • Totally black, flat shoes (not boots) with no additional colour whatsoever, e.g. no coloured panels, stitching, laces, logos, eyelets or other embellishments.
  • Students wishing to wear a belt should ensure that it is a discreet, simple, thin, plain, black or grey belt only.

Optional Summer Uniform

  • Navy blue polo shirt with Priory School badge purchased from our suppliers.  
  • Black shorts (Terms 5 and 6 only)
  • Plain black, grey or white short socks.
  • Totally black, flat shoes (not boots) with no additional colour whatsoever, e.g. no coloured panels, stitching, laces, logos, eyelets or other embellishments.
  • Students wishing to wear a belt should ensure that it is a discreet, simple, thin, plain, black or grey belt only.
  • No cycling shorts

Recycled School Uniform Shop

The School has a second-hand uniform shop consisting of good condition uniform all priced under £3.00. All enquiries should be made via the school Reception or email Amanda.burgess@priory.e-sussex.sch.uk to make an appointment to view the stock. We may also have a stand at parents evenings.


Students are only permitted to wear a watch and one pair of small stud ear-rings. Please note: body piercing of any kind is not acceptable and must be removed before coming to school.

We do not wish to discourage individuality with regard to hairstyle, but request that extreme styles, bleaches or dyes that are in blatant contrast to natural hair colours are not worn. Any student considering a change of style is advised to speak with their Head of House before doing so.

Make up
Should students choose to wear make-up, they must ensure that it is discreet and natural. For health and Safety reasons, false nails are not permitted, students will be asked to have them removed.  

For the journey to and from school, and for break and lunch times, it is recommended that students bring a warm, waterproof jacket. This can be stored in the student lockers or carried with them during the day. Non school uniform items are not permitted to be worn inside the school building.  

PE Kit and Dance Kit

All kit on this list allows for options depending on preference or the time of year/weather e.g. a choice between shorts, leggings or joggers – pupils do not necessarily need all of these options.

PE and Dance Kit

Compulsory items for boys and girls

  • Sky blue polo shirt with Priory logo purchased from our suppliers
  • Plain black bottoms – choice of shorts, leggings and joggers. No logos, stripes, mesh inserts or markings.
  • Plain black, round neck sweatshirt. No logos, stripes or markings
  • Sky blue football socks – compulsory for football and rugby
  • Trainers – non-floor marking, light colour soles (no black soles). Trainers must be suitable to give adequate ankle support. They should not be Converse, Vans or similar fashion items
  • Studded football boots – compulsory for football and rugby. Plastic moulded studs only, no AstroTurf trainers, metal or screw in studs due to 3G restrictions
  • Shin pads – compulsory for football
  • Water bottle

Please note: The times your child does rugby and football and therefore requires specialist equipment e.g. boots and shin pads will differ depending on your child PE class, therefore, throughout the year, your child will be informed of any equipment they require. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s PE teacher if you require more information on this.


Additions if necessary (dependent on weather/sport)

  • Plain black base layer top (long sleeve to be worn under sky blue polo if required)
  • Black sweatshirt (no logo)
  • Gum shield – highly recommended for rugby and compulsory for extra-curricular fixtures. Protective rugby head gear is also recommended
  • A hat and gloves is permitted in the colder months and sun cream is recommended for warmer months.

Items that will not be accepted as PE kit:

  • Hoodies/coats – Due to health and safety implications
  • Grey clothing (any)
  • Converse (or equivalent) style trainers
  • No logos, stripes or mesh inserts will be accepted – no matter how small!
  • Kit must be plain black.

Please note:

No jewellery can be worn in PE (including watches) and long hair must also be tied back.

If a student is wearing stud earrings that they cannot remove due to a recent piercing, students must provide their own tape or plasters to cover the piercing to make it safe. The earrings must then be removed as soon as they are able to do so, hoop earrings must not be worn at any time and cannot be covered.

Please be aware that in sports such as Rugby, taping is not permitted due to health and safety and the jewellery must be removed.

If you have a question regarding PE kit, please email the PE department – blf@priory.e-sussex.sch.uk

Food Prep Kit - Compulsory item for all students

  • Plain apron

Uniform Issues

Dealing with uniform issues detracts from our core purposes as a school: learning and teaching. Parents are urged to ensure that their child is sent to school in correct school uniform. Where there is a genuine difficulty in sending students to school in correct uniform, parents are advised to contact their child’s Head of House. Students who need to borrow items of uniform should report to their Head of House no later than 8.25 in the morning.

Should a student's uniform not meet expectations :

  • Students are expected to report to their House office immediately.
  • Students are expected to work with their House team to find a solution.
  • House teams will attempt to lend a suitable item if they have it.
  • House teams may call home to request suitable items are brought in.
  • Students may be sent home to change. (once home has been contacted)
  • Students could be requested to work outside their House office until the matter is resolved.
  • Parents may be liable for any borrowed uniform that isn't returned.
  • Students will be asked to have false nails removed.

Sanctions may include :

  • Confiscation of inappropriate item of clothing/jewellery. (For persistent cases, parents may be asked to collect these from school)
  • Behaviour log.
  • Detention
  • Loss of social time.
  • In extreme circumstances, students may be excluded from school for persistent defiance of the uniform rules.
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