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Year Group Information Evenings 2023

The Year Group Information Evenings will provide the opportunity to hear key messages for your son or daughter's year ahead, to meet your child's Head of Year and other key members of the senior leadership team.  The dates and times are as follows:

  • Thursday 21 September 6 - 7pm - Year 9 

  • Monday 25 September 6 - 7pm - Year 10

  • Tuesday 26 September 6 - 7pm - Year 11

  • Tuesday 3rd October 6 - 7pm - Year 7

  • Thursday 5th October 6 - 7pm - Year 8

Year 7 Information evening presentation (including Action Your Potential)Year 8 Information evening presentationYear 8 Action Your Potential presentationYear 9 Information evening presentationYear 9 Action Your Potential presentation

Year 9 Action Your Potential (AYP) - further information

AYP talked about how the brain's worry system works and how our daily behaviours shape our wellbeing, memory and mental flexibility each day.  They also talked about key learning routines from the outset of Y9 and the importance of daily wellbeing behaviours.  You will find more on the #NeuroNinja Learning Hub which you all have access to as parents and carers, to sign up please click here.   

KS3 Learning Routine videos are found as follows:

AYP are running a range of webinars for parents, details and sign up links are below.

How can I help my child build back from anxiety - sign up here.  

How can I help my child build resilience - sign up here. 

All kinds of mind: helping my neurally diverse child learn to live in balance in their amazing brain - sign up here.  

How to help my child manage challenge and change - sign up here. 

Any questions about the #NeuroNinja programme please email Andrew Wright  This year AYP are adding a 'Wellbeing Workout' webinar every Wednesday.  These are 15 mins wellbeing related webinar content delivered live every Wednesday morning at 8am.  You don't need to watch it live, as you can catch the recordings on #NeuroNinja Learning Hub.  To sign up to these workouts every Wednesday, click here.   

We can all learn to manage our amazing brains using the 4 psycho-social forces. Here is a video that AYP made for Mental Health Awareness day this year with a flavour of some powerful daily behaviours that can help all of us get more out of our amazing brains everyday.  

Year 10 Information evening presentationYear 10 Action Your Potential presentation

Year 11 Information evening presentationYear 11 Action Your Potential presentation


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