Have your say on the core offer for East Sussex

17 December

The future services on offer to residents of East Sussex are part of a public conversation which is now underway. East Sussex County Council is asking for people’s views on its ‘core offer’, the package of services it thinks are the minimum residents of East Sussex should be entitled to expect, even in difficult financial times. The core offer includes proposed services for schools and for pupils vulnerable to poor outcomes including those with special educational needs, as well as those services for the whole population, including libraries, highways and public health. The core offer is designed to plan how East Sussex responds to reducing funding and growing demand for services. It includes the council’s commitment to provide value for money services in the areas where it can continue to operate and to work with partners and communities to find alternative ways of meeting some of the county’s needs.
If you’d like to see full details of the core offer and give your response to its proposals you can do that online. The survey will run until 26th December.


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