How to log in to EduLink

5 November

If an EduLink login we sent you has expired you can reset it via the "Reset Login" link on the EduLink home page.


Many thanks to those parents who have sent us valuable feedback about EduLink - its rollout has been very successful! You can read more about EduLink here.

Please note that not all EduLink's features are enabled yet. There is a simple help guide downloadable here.


Although the Homework function of EduLink is visible it is still undergoing testing - we are currently still using Show My Homework as our main homework app.

Note : If you are a parent the simplest way to log on to Show My Homework is to use your child's login (the same one they use in school) - please ask them for this.

Parents Evening

We hope to use the Parents Evening function of EduLink for our first event in mid-December.

INSIGHT - now closed

Our old parental portal INSIGHT is now closed. All its features are available in EduLink.

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