New Science Labs!

12 November

We were delighted to hold the opening of our newly refurbished Science labs last week. The project was undertaken during the summer holidays, to refurbish not one but three of our eight Science rooms, which have been in use by thousands of students for the last 20 plus years. This September at the beginning of the new term they were opened to our students. One of the key features was the purchasing of a mobile Fume Cupboard with docking stations - previously teachers in any of the other labs would have to wait and book a room with this equipment, but this allows each of the labs to have the opportunity to provide the students with a better learning experience. Our curriculum lead for Science, Liz Wilson is absolutely delighted to have achieved the first phase of her longer term plan which is to refurbish all eight of the rooms (five more to do!).

The project would not of been possible without the support of our PTA, Friends of Priory School, who tirelessly fundraised and were able to contribute £15,000, along with an award from the Fonthill Foundation (the CEO and Project officer both attended the launch) and The Armourers and Brasiers Gauntlet Trust.


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