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Research, Development & Workshops

Lewes Teaching School Alliance engages with new and long-standing research alongside a range of partners. We use papers and articles, including EEF Guidance Reports to inform our INSET, CPLD offer and practice. We aim to ensure that schools involved with our Alliance are engaging with relevant research to employ evidence-based strategies in their schools for the benefit of all pupils. 

Project 1: Boys Attainment

We have engaged in research and developments around improving Boys’ Achievement. To date we have:

1. Developed a Toolkit (alongside Heathfield Community College)

Boys Attainment Toolkit

H is for Harry poster

2. Engaged with some key researchers

Boys Dont Try programme

3. Delivered a range of workshops

Workshop 1 : Boys Achievement Whole School Approaches November 2019

Workshop 2 : Metacognition and Boys December 2019

Workshop 3 : Raising Aspiration for Boys January 2020

4. Developed Papers to support practitioners

How can we improve the attainment of White working class boys

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