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Careers Education

Vision for careers and employability

Welcome to Careers at Priory school, Lewes, East Sussex.
We believe that all our students have the power and potential to grow in their careers. Excellent careers guidance makes sure there is equality of opportunity.

The Career programme at Priory School is therefore designed to support students throughout the stages of their journey and build their career development learning skills, which are acquired alongside academic and vocational pursuits. These can be developed through specific careers activities, within the curriculum (both through other subjects and discrete time for careers education) and during enrichment and extracurricular activities, as well as through personal guidance.

Priory knows that every student’s needs are different, therefore from Year 7 onwards we prepare students for a variety of pathways: technical, vocational, and the academic. The school has a distributed leadership approach to Careers guidance. Roles are spread out across Senior Leaders and Support Staff. As of November 2022, the school has appointed a Careers Coordinator, Susannah Howarth, to oversee the operational day-to-day implementation of the Careers programme.

Our school vision of knowing, belonging and becoming ensures that all students in our community are seen, known and valued. Priory school is committed to providing its students with powerful knowledge which unlocks their potential and understanding of our world digital and dynamic world. 

We want our learners to:

  • recognise the value of lifelong learning;
  • understand the strength of community, taking collective responsibility for ourselves and others;
  • be innovative and creative and to strive for a sustainable future;
  • be prepared for all challenge but also for change; to value questions as much as answers;
  • be critical in their thinking, informed in their choices and confident in their ability to succeed in the modern world;
  • be empathetic and kind citizens who are equipped for the uncertain nature of the 21st Century.


Priory's Careers Leader is Ms Susannah Howarth (Ext 311).



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